Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques have been used at Norwood Park since memorials were first placed here in the 1960’s.  Bronze will last forever and can be refurbished after many years to look new.  Plaques can be personalised with photos and emblems and there are many styles to choose from.  There is also the option of designing a plaque to be placed at home, at a garden or somewhere special to your loved one.

Our friendly staff can assist families with a memorial plaque to suit their needs. 

Wall Niche Plaque Examples


Some of our wall plaques come with bud vases and other wall plaques have the option of a bud vase.

You can personalise your plaque by adding a photo or emblem. See our office for costs on these options. 




Garden Edging Plaque Examples



Edging plaques are available in two sizes, the larger one accommodates several lines of wording and space for a photo and/or emblems.


Plaques suitable for Rocks and Plinths



Book Plaques

Book plaques can be used for one or two memorials.  The second page is often used for a memorial reservation for a husband, wife or partner.

Decorative Border Plaques

There are many different dimension plaques and decorative borders to choose from.

Lasting Memories

The Lasting Memories design is created by using one or more photos of your loved one.

Perpetual Flowers

A lovely addition to a memorial plaque, there are twenty three perpetual flowers to choose from.


There are a range of colours, styles and designs to suit your requirements for a memorial plaque.




Photo plaques   Customised Embossed Plaques