When someone you love has died, many important and demanding decisions need to be made.  Some of these can be overwhelming and complex, and some can bring a sense of relief and satisfaction.

The decision to create a memorial for this loved person is an important one to address.  Some questions to be considered are:

Why have a Memorial?

Many people through personal experience have expressed the importance of a memorial as a focus for grief.  Designing a memorial can help to complete the natural process of mourning and grieving for many families.  A memorial is one way of expressing your love and respect for the person who has died, and of reflecting something of their life in a lasting way.

Memorials are for the living. A memorial provides a focus, a place to visit in your grief and in your on going life.  It is of special benefit on anniversaries or important days in the life of the person who has died and in your life and those of your family and friends.  The days that were shared together may be marked in a healing way by visiting the memorial.

What are the different types of memorials?

Norwood Park offers a range of memorial options, including:

Wall Memorials: Wall memorials are our most affordable choice. A portion of the ashes is placed in a wall niche with the plaque positioned in front of it. The wall option we offer are single niches, companion nichesex-service men and women and plaque only walls in the Children's Court and the Tree of Memories.

Edging Memorials: Edging memorials are one of our most popular memorial option. A memorial plaque is positioned on the edging of a garden bed and the ashes are interred in the garden next to the plaque. Norwood Park offers rose garden edging memorials, raised garden bed edgings, edgings overlooking a water feature, etc. 

Rock Memorials: Rock memorials are another popular memorial at Norwood Park. The plaque is placed on a rock, and the ashes are interred in the ground in front of the rock. Rock memorials allow you to have the most freedom and customisation in terms of designing a plaque and decorating the memorial. There are single positions, double positions, and family estate rocks available. 

Plinth Memorials: Plinth memorials are the latest memorial option. They are made from granite and provide a more structured look. They are suitable for single or up to four positions.

Family Estates: Family estates memorials are similar to rock memorials, but they are larger in size. They provide peace and privacy. Family Estate usually come with two or four positions. However, more can be added either at the time of purchase or in the future. Family Estate allow families to customise many aspects of their memorials, from rocks, plaques, plants, edgings and more. They also include a family name plate and an allowance for plants. 

A memorial is very unique to each person, and the Norwood Park staff is happy to assist you to select the memorial option most suitable to you and your family. For more information, please book an appointment with our memorial consultant at 02 6241 3177.

Where in the park should I have a memorial?

Please refer to our map page for more information on our different gardens.

What is the financial cost involved?

Wall Memorials range in price from $935-$1650

Edging Memorials range in price from $1990-$2,320

Rock Memorials from $2,800+

Plinths Memorials from $4,750+

Family Estates from $13,200+

These prices do not include plaque prices. Please use this price range only as a guide and for more information, please contact our office staff. 

What types of plaques available? 

For more information on plaques, please refer to our plaque page.