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Can I purchase a memorial before it is needed?

Yes. Cremations and memorial reservations can be pre-purchased. Plaques are purchased at the time of need. 

What types of memorials are available?

Norwood Park combines a variety of different theme areas for memorial locations that provide both peace and tranquility. Please refer to the memorial page for more information.

Do you offer any catering or after service functions?

By booking a service in the Norwood Park Chapel, you are entitled to use Norwood Park's catering room. The catering room caters from a minimum of 30 people to a maximum of 100. Please contact your funeral director for packages available.

Please note that the Chapel times are linked to the catering room times. For more information on this, or how to book catering, please contact your Funeral Director. Unfortunately, no outside caterers are allowed at this time. 

What happens at the crematorium on the day of the funeral?

The coffin is usually brought into the chapel and placed on the catafalque prior to the mourners entering and taking their seats. At the appropriate time during the service the coffin will be removed from view, by being lowered. At the end of the service the mourners leave the chapel and may inspect the floral arrangements before leaving.

29 All FAQs Items found:      Showing All FAQs Items 26 - 29